International association against the violence and the kidnapping of minors

The International Association AIDM was founded on September 22, 1989. The International Association AIDM is a humanitarian association, non-profit and free from any political or religious ideology.

The personal and painful experience of withholding/abduction of minors, experienced by the founder herself, was the main motivation for the foundation and development of the International Association AIDM.

Those who have personally suffered the trauma of child withholding/abduction or domestic abuse are aware of how much has yet to be accomplished before a satisfactory solution to this pervasive social ill is reached. There is a lack of public awareness, and legislative, legal and judicial aspects are wanting. The financial situation is alarming. The primary problem, however, is the lack of sensitivity towards withholding/abduction of minors and domestic abuse. Government and legal institutions as well as the public are not aware of the scale of this crisis of public health or do not want to recognize it as such. Thus, the horrific suffering and dire need of the child, minor, parents and family remain sadly unaddressed.

The International Association AIDM works in close collaboration with various competent authorities, as well as with public and private organizations at the national and international level. Our objectives focus on prevention, moral, psychological, legal, administrative and financial support, as well as in raising awareness. The International Association AIDM aims to mobilize political and legislative power at the national and international level to achieve these objectives.

Objectives and purposes:

  • Defend the human rights of the minor and the guardian as recognized by court decisions regarding the allocation of parental authority, custody and visitation rights

  • Protect of the rights of the minor and the guardian on the basis of basic human rights

  • Encourage, counsel and accompany of the victims of child abduction and violence

  • Develop, promote and implement effective solutions to international problems (legal and diplomatic) which cause child abduction

  • Develop, promote and implement effective solutions to various problems (moral, psychological, legal, administrative and financial) that cause child abduction

  • Cooperate and coordinate with national and international authorities, as well as with competent organizations and associations

  • Inform and raise awareness among the authorities and the public

"Lord, give me the serenity to bear the things I cannot change, the courage to change those I can, and the wisdom to distinguish the one from the other"

Francis of Assisi