Work Program of the International Association AIDM, Switzerland

  • Proposal for a legislative modification of Art. 220 StGB. Basis: Criminal offense prosecuted upon application by the victim or by the state

  • Proposal for a legislative revision of the ZGB. Basis: divorce law, child protection law, custody law

  • Prevention program before child abduction according to art. 220 of the Criminal Code, repatriation of the minor after abduction and prevention in case of risk of recurrence after recovery. Basis: verbalized threats or warning signs

  • Program of effective protection of the child and the guardian before occurrence of a child abduction and after a recovery of the minor

  • Assistance program for diplomatic legal assistance in foreign countries concerning the tracing and repatriation of a Swiss minor

  • Preparation of an international legal assistance document. (Enforcement of Swiss court decisions in the foreign country)

  • Cooperation with all federal and cantonal authorities, as well as with the authorities of the foreign state and with organizations and associations competent in the subject matter

  • Legal counseling function before, during and after a child abduction, coordinated and executed by competent persons

  • Psychological and moral counseling before, during and after child abduction, coordinated and carried out by competent persons

  • Administrative and financial counseling before, during and after child abduction, coordinated and carried out by competent persons

  • Location of relevant competent persons (lawyers, psychiatrists, etc.) on a national level in each canton and in each relevant foreign country with established risk

  • Specific information program for the competent authorities at the national and international level (federal authorities, public prosecutors, district courts, police, guardianship authorities, customs offices, lawyers, social services)

  • Awareness and information program for public opinion through mass media (press, radio, television, etc.)

  • Program development regarding intergovernmental cooperation of NON-treaty states. Basis: European Convention of 20.5.1980, Hague Convention of 25.10.1980

  • Program development of an international coordination of legally valid searches for the abducted minor. Basis: I-Search System in the USA

  • Regular dissemination of information about the work of the International Association AIDM and information

INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION AIDM The President AIDM Davesco-Soragno, September 22, 1989